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What Does THC Nanogram Mean for Drug Testing?

As drug tests continue to be used the clarity of the results and the types of testing has evolved. One of the new forms of testing gaining popularity is “Nanogram testing”. A nanogram is the measurement of the level of metabolites, or the byproducts of drug use, in a person’s body. Essentially this form of […]

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing Leads to Drastic Reduction in Dangerous Drug Use

Emerging scientific data has conclusively linked the advent of powerful hair follicle drug testing to a drastic reduction in dangerous drug abuse by employees across the country. Since hair follicle drug tests became the predominant employment drug testing method, businesses and corporations, results have shown a severe decline in the abuse of cocaine and methamphetamine by the American workforce.

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Knowing Which Drug Testing Option To Use

While most employers are aware that drug testing kits come in two main forms, the urinalysis test and the hair follicle test, they may not know which option is best for various workplace situations. Each option has different benefits, and knowing which drug testing option you may need for certain circumstances is essential for any conscientious employer.

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