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How Saliva Drug Tests Work

If you work in a medical facility, perform employee screenings, or suspect that your child or teen may be abusing substances, you should know about saliva drug testing. This evaluation will help you to determine which drugs are in a person’s system, and some advanced tests can reveal how concentrated these substances are. Of course, […]

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Humana Uses Nicotine Testing to Eliminate Smokers

In Arizona, the health insurance company Humana will no longer be hiring new employees who smoke or use other tobacco products including cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco and cigars. Being in the healthcare industry Humana feels they will be an effective example for this emerging trend among other employers. Currently in effect Humana’s policy is to […]

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What do AMP Drug Tests Screen For

So you’ve been told that you might be taking an AMP drug test, but what substance does AMP screen for? AMP is the medical abbreviation for amphetamines and the drugs that contain them, most of which can be obtained legally through a prescription. Amphetamines are classified as stimulants and are the precursors to many illegal […]

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What Do THC Drug Tests Screen For

Most people that have to take a THC drug test either for school or as a pre-employment measure might have a few questions; what is this test and what does it look for? THC testing analyzes a person’s urine and detects signs of Cannabinoid use. Cannabinoids are the leftovers (or metabolites) created after Marijuana is […]

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Drug Testing in Schools: What Parents Should Know

As drug use in teens continues to rise, more schools are choosing to randomly drug test students. Many parents are divided about this issue—some welcome it as another tool to steer kids away from drugs. Others view it as intrusive, a process that should be left to parents, not educators. But according to a 2010 […]

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Saliva Drug Testing

Employers and government agencies have embraced drug testing as part of their regular screening processes. Even the United States court system uses this method to drug test its employees. For years, many companies have relied on urine tests. Today, more are turning to saliva drug testing, which is revered as an accurate, non-invasive alternative screening […]

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