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A Breakdown of Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana breaks down into your system very rapidly. The active ingredient is Tetrahydrocannabinol- also known as THC. It can be detectable in the blood stream for only a few hours. The THC rapidly metabolizes into molecules known as metabolites which are then stored in body fat. The body releases the THC metabolites through urine and […]

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What Do THC Drug Tests Screen For

Most people that have to take a THC drug test either for school or as a pre-employment measure might have a few questions; what is this test and what does it look for? THC testing analyzes a person’s urine and detects signs of Cannabinoid use. Cannabinoids are the leftovers (or metabolites) created after Marijuana is […]

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Suffolk County Home Drug Testing Program Leads the Way

Responding to the rising tide of drug abuse in suburbs across the country, government and school officials in Suffolk County, Long Island have demonstrated clearly that home drug test kits are the best deterrent available. A new program has distributed 350 home drug test kits to parents of high school students, illustrating the crucial importance of home drug testing for parents everywhere.

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