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Opiate Drugs Negative Affects on the Body

Most painkillers are derived from opium, and are classified into a group called opiates. Opium is a natural substance extracted from the poppy plant, and has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and take away physical pain. However, opiates also have the ability to boost the mood and rid the body of depression, which […]

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What Do OPI Drug Tests Screen For

There are many different types of home drug testing kits which screen for a wide variety of substances with different origins. One of which is an OPI drug test.  As the abbreviation suggests this form of testing looks for opiates and opiate derived synthetic versions (OPI). With substance abuse numbers on the rise for opium, […]

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Do Home Drug Tests Screen For Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a very powerful analgesic, or pain killer, that is estimated to be 100x more potent than morphine. The narcotic drug is administered to patients through a variety of methods including Intravenous lines (IV), pills, patches, and sometimes even lollypops. Fentanyl is a synthetic derivative of traditional opiates and acts on the body’s natural […]

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