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The Cost of Employee Drug Use

The cost of employees using drugs is far greater than one might think at first thought. Perhaps this prospect of associated costs of employee drug use is demurred by the fact that many employers subject their employees to random drug testing and pre-employment drug screening. However, this, contrary to popular belief, does not cause many […]

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Does Vicodin Show Up On Drug Tests?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that more than 15 million people have used prescription drugs for non-medicinal purposes. A recent study claims that 1 in 10 high school students have used Vicodin specifically to get high. With these numbers on the rise, more questions are emerging about whether or not Vicodin can be […]

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Top 10 Drug Testing Searches for 2010

The Internet is a world wide web of information, some of which can be challenging to sift through. This barrage of data can be a bit overwhelming at times—after all, anyone can search for anything online, and most searches will generate some sort of data hit. It seems as though the number of hits you […]

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Drug Tests For Adderall

Adderall, the increasingly popular medication for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), is a derivative of the amphetamine molecule known as a dextroamphetamine. Unlike previous medications for ADD, Adderall is more potent and carries with it a relatively high risk of addiction. Adderall increases cognition, focus, and performance by increasing the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine […]

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Dangerous Prescription Drug Abuse Flying Under Radar Of Parents

A study designed to gauge the level of concern parents have about different drugs has shown that prescription drug abuse is a hidden threat to adolescents and teenagers across America. National polling firm RT Strategies polled 1,000 adults nationwide as part of Project 7th Grade and First Check’s Back to School campaign, finding that only […]

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Suffolk County Home Drug Testing Program Leads the Way

Responding to the rising tide of drug abuse in suburbs across the country, government and school officials in Suffolk County, Long Island have demonstrated clearly that home drug test kits are the best deterrent available. A new program has distributed 350 home drug test kits to parents of high school students, illustrating the crucial importance of home drug testing for parents everywhere.

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