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Hair Drug Testing Facts

Did you know that hair follicle drug testing is becoming increasingly popular within businesses and pre-employment public agencies? There have been instances where state and federal courts have used hair drug testing methods, and now some home drug testing kits are capable of offering hair drug testing. Here are some interesting facts on hair drug […]

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Hair Drug Testing, How Does it Work?

When one consumes drugs, regardless of ingestion method (snorting, smoking, injection) the body has to filter and process the chemicals and various substances.  Once it is processed, the molecules and metabolites of that drug are released and reside in your hair follicles for up to 3 months.  This gives scientist an accurate account of which […]

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing Leads to Drastic Reduction in Dangerous Drug Use

Emerging scientific data has conclusively linked the advent of powerful hair follicle drug testing to a drastic reduction in dangerous drug abuse by employees across the country. Since hair follicle drug tests became the predominant employment drug testing method, businesses and corporations, results have shown a severe decline in the abuse of cocaine and methamphetamine by the American workforce.

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