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Saliva Drug Testing

Employers and government agencies have embraced drug testing as part of their regular screening processes. Even the United States court system uses this method to drug test its employees. For years, many companies have relied on urine tests. Today, more are turning to saliva drug testing, which is revered as an accurate, non-invasive alternative screening […]

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Nicotine Drug Testing

Cigarettes are a legal drug, one that used to be considered “hip” or cool to abuse. But over the past two or so decades, public opinion has definitely turned. Smoking, by most social standards, is thought of as a bad habit with negative health risks for smokers (and some argue second-hand smokers as well). There […]

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The Cost of Employee Drug Use

The cost of employees using drugs is far greater than one might think at first thought. Perhaps this prospect of associated costs of employee drug use is demurred by the fact that many employers subject their employees to random drug testing and pre-employment drug screening. However, this, contrary to popular belief, does not cause many […]

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Knowing Which Drug Testing Option To Use

While most employers are aware that drug testing kits come in two main forms, the urinalysis test and the hair follicle test, they may not know which option is best for various workplace situations. Each option has different benefits, and knowing which drug testing option you may need for certain circumstances is essential for any conscientious employer.

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