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Drug Testing in the Workplace

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that it costs employers around $75 to $100 billion yearly to pay for drug abuse in the workplace. These costs consists of lost time, accidents, healthcare and workers compensation costs. Not to mention that the employer can also feel the impact from tardiness, absenteeism, turnover attitude problems theft, decreased productivity, crime and violence.
It is due to these issues that most employers, including the majority of all Fortune 500 companies require an applicant and workers to participate in drug testing. The purpose for this drug testing is that it is mainly a safety issue and to lessen these consequences from substance abuse.

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The Cost of Employee Drug Use

The cost of employees using drugs is far greater than one might think at first thought. Perhaps this prospect of associated costs of employee drug use is demurred by the fact that many employers subject their employees to random drug testing and pre-employment drug screening. However, this, contrary to popular belief, does not cause many […]

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Many Circumstances Call for Employment Drug Testing

Responsible employers and business owners in this day and age probably know that there are many benefits of employment drug testing, but they may not be aware of exactly when to test under various circumstances. Many employers utilize random or periodic drug testing to ensure that long term employees are not using illicit substances. There are, however, other times which may compel an employer or business owner may wish to test his workforce for drugs or alcohol.

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The Hair Follicle Drug Test

With the traditional urinalysis drug test becoming outdated and vulnerable to cheating, the new hair follicle drug test has become the standard for vigilant employers. Hair follicle drug testing can establish a pattern of drug use for up to 90 days, and leaves employees with no other choice but to quit using drugs altogether.

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