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How Meditation Helps to Treat Drug Addiction

Studies have shown that meditation can significantly reduce and eliminate a person’s desire to abuse drugs. This is because the practice of meditation helps to eliminate anxiety, depression and restlessness, which addicts experience often. These feels often lead to drug use, since individuals will use their substance of choice to boost their mood or induce […]

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The Professional Team that Is Necessary for Successful Rehab

If you’ve organized an intervention for a friend or loved one who is addicted to drugs and he/she is now in rehab, you’ll need to be familiar with the team of professionals needed for the addict’s complete recovery. Several people are needed to make sure that the person addicted to drugs recovers from this serious […]

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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes manic depression. Individuals who have bipolar disorder are sometimes more likely to abuse drugs. However, there are also some substances that can cause the mental illness as well. A person who has bipolar disorder may experience symptoms like severe mood swings, a drastic change in activity levels, […]

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Long Term Effects of Marijuana

Many people have experimented with marijuana at some point in life, usually during their teenage or college years. While marijuana is known for its ability to make you feel “enlightened” or “mellow”, there are also several negative effects of taking the drug. It’s important to know all the ways that marijuana can affect your body, […]

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Drugged Driving on the Rise has Police Worried for the Holiday Season

Last month police in Southern Australia participated in the month long Operation Safe October blitz. They discovered an astonishing number of increased drugged drivers, and believe this might result in more accidents during this years’ holiday season. During the blitz, police had more than 4300 traffic offensives. They performed 2394 drug tests, in which 72 […]

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Indiana School District Provides Home Drug Testing Kits for Parents of Middle School Students

In Indiana, the Hempfield Area School District is the first district in the state to distribute home drug testing kits for the parents of their sixth- and seventh-graders. The home drug testing kits will be provided for free, allowing the parents the ability to randomly test their children for drugs at no cost. The home […]

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