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Drug Testing in Schools: What Parents Should Know

As drug use in teens continues to rise, more schools are choosing to randomly drug test students. Many parents are divided about this issue—some welcome it as another tool to steer kids away from drugs. Others view it as intrusive, a process that should be left to parents, not educators. But according to a 2010 […]

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Teen Drug Abuse: The Latest Statistics

Teen drug abuse is a terrifying topic for parents. Try as they may to talk to their kids about the dangers of drugs, all too often peer pressure simply wins out over obedience and common sense. A national survey called “Monitoring the Future” offers an interesting snapshot of teen drug abuse. Surveys are conducted separately […]

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The School Drug Testing Movement Is Growing Everyday

After a decade of expanded drug testing programs in American schools, there is now conclusive evidence that school drug testing is the most effective deterrent to teen drug abuse. Federal officials have found that “an average of one school a month around the country has added testing programs in the past several years,” a trend which illustrates the growing confidence that parents and teachers have in school drug testing.

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Student-Athlete Drug Testing Proves Highly Effective

In previous eras, the issue of drug abuse in schools was thought to be a problem for only a fringe element of students, but today we know that even successful student-athletes can fall prey to the dangers of addiction. While this problem used to be relatively unnoticed, new drug testing programs enacted at high schools and universities around the country have begun targeting drug abuse by student-athletes.

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