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Benefits of Using Home Drug Testing Kits

There are a variety of different methods when it comes to home drug testing kits. These methods include testing saliva, hair, urine and sweat. Each of these tests has an individual benefit. The saliva drug test is able to detect drug use immediately following ingestion of the substance. The main drawback is that there is […]

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Drug Testing at Home During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the chemistry and processes of the female body shift in key ways to adjust to the care and creation of another life. However does this change in chemistry have any effect on the results and administration of drug tests? While much within the body has changed during this transition, home drug testing is […]

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Methamphetamine Drug Testing Kits Are An Invaluable Resource

In the decade spanning from 2000 to 2009, America witnessed an alarming rise in the abuse of methamphetamine, which is a drug that causes extreme hyperactivity, erratic and violent behavior, and physical deterioration. As the plague of methamphetamine addiction continues to spread, parents and employers alike have become increasingly concerned with testing for the drug.

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Knowing Which Drug Testing Option To Use

While most employers are aware that drug testing kits come in two main forms, the urinalysis test and the hair follicle test, they may not know which option is best for various workplace situations. Each option has different benefits, and knowing which drug testing option you may need for certain circumstances is essential for any conscientious employer.

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