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Effects on Teen Drug Testing

Dealing with peer pressure for teens and children is a crucial skill that can often set the path for their futures. The human need to fit in and gain acceptance from peers is normal, and at an impressionable young age- the wrong choice can prove deadly. When faced with the peer pressure of drugs, a […]

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What Do OPI Drug Tests Screen For

There are many different types of home drug testing kits which screen for a wide variety of substances with different origins. One of which is an OPI drug test.  As the abbreviation suggests this form of testing looks for opiates and opiate derived synthetic versions (OPI). With substance abuse numbers on the rise for opium, […]

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What Do BZO Drug Tests Screen For

BZO drug testing is a relatively new screening method that has risen in popularity in the past decade. BZO is the shorthand abbreviation for Benzodiazepines. Benzos, as they are referred to, are a sedative and relaxant classification of chemicals, often relaxing muscles, and putting the user into an almost hypnotic state of mind. This drug […]

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Drug Testing at Home During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the chemistry and processes of the female body shift in key ways to adjust to the care and creation of another life. However does this change in chemistry have any effect on the results and administration of drug tests? While much within the body has changed during this transition, home drug testing is […]

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What Do COC Drug Tests Screen For

Most people that whom submit to a COC drug test might have a few questions, most importantly what is this test? COC drug testing analyzes a person’s urine and looks for signs of Cocaine use within it. It does this by looking for metabolites created after Cocaine is consumed and broken down within the body […]

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Do Home Drug Tests Screen For Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a very powerful analgesic, or pain killer, that is estimated to be 100x more potent than morphine. The narcotic drug is administered to patients through a variety of methods including Intravenous lines (IV), pills, patches, and sometimes even lollypops. Fentanyl is a synthetic derivative of traditional opiates and acts on the body’s natural […]

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What Do BAR Drug Tests Screen For?

We’ve all been there, when you’re filling out an application and it says that you’re going to be subject to an employee drug test. Included is something called a BAR screening, but what is that? BAR drug testing is the screening of certain metabolites within the urine called Barbiturates. Barbiturates are nervous system depressants which […]

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What Does THC Nanogram Mean for Drug Testing?

As drug tests continue to be used the clarity of the results and the types of testing has evolved. One of the new forms of testing gaining popularity is “Nanogram testing”. A nanogram is the measurement of the level of metabolites, or the byproducts of drug use, in a person’s body. Essentially this form of […]

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