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How to Come to Terms with Your Addiction

As with any problem in life, it is impossible for one to get the necessary help if he/she won’t be honest about the entire situation. This principle is especially true when it comes to drug addiction. If you really want to get help for your addiction, there are steps you’ll have to take, even before rehab, to ensure your success.

Steps To Overcoming Drug Addiction

First, you’ll need to tell the people closest to you about your drug addiction. In a New York Times blog, Dr. Perri Klass recommends being honest with your children about drug use, especially if your son or daughter asks you if you’ve done drugs in the past or are currently suffering from addiction. This will make for open dialogue, and sends the message to your child that you love him/her and value your relationship, even though you’re suffering from an addiction and can’t fulfill all your parental duties effectively right now. It’s also important to tell your significant other and close friends that you’re struggling with addiction. These people will help you to find the treatment you need without being judgmental, and will hold you accountable in your journey to become drug-free.

It is also necessary to take a look at the things in your life that have been negatively affected by your drug addiction. Chances are your finances are not where they should be, as you’ve been spending money to support your drug habit. This means you’re likely in much more debt than you should be. Due to the severe mood swings that drug use can cause, you may have pushed friends and family away in drug-induced rages. It’s time to start repairing these relationships and becoming financially responsible again. But, you won’t be able to accomplish these things unless you admit that you have a problem and need treatment right away.

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