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How to Know If You’re Drinking Too Much

Many people enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or will indulge in a cocktail or two when out with friends. But how can you tell that your or a loved one’s drinking is getting out of hand. Harvard University women’s health expert Dr. Hope Ricciotti asserts that when a patient feels that he/she is drinking too much, the patient is probably right. People tend to significantly under-report their alcohol consumption to their doctors. And there is serious health risks involved with drinking heavily; an article in Glamour magazine asserts that women who have one or two drinks every day have a higher risk of breast cancer.

If you don’t have a problem drinking alone and often, this could be a sign of a drinking problem. Having a glass of wine with your dinner a few times a week is one thing. Rushing to the wine cabinet as soon as you get home from work every night and having two or three glasses of wine is a sign of a problem.

Take an honest look at the causes of stress in your life as well. Are you working long hours at your job? Are you dealing with serious behavior problems from your children? Is your relationship suffering? Is a close friend or family member suffering from a terminal illness? These reasons often lead people to drink more than they normally would to numb the pain. Find healthy ways to deal with stress, like talking to a friend, keeping a journal, or exercising more, and you’ll find that you’ll have less of a desire for alcohol.

If you have to drink several cocktails in order feel a buzz, this could be an indication that you’re consuming too much alcohol. For instance, it’s not healthy for a woman to drink four of five alcoholic beverages in one night; men shouldn’t consume five or six drinks at a time. Too much alcohol leads to a loss of inhibition, weight gain, and a change in brain chemistry that can lead to dependence.

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