OrAlert 6-Panel Saliva Drug Test


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The OrAlert Multi-Drug Saliva Test is an improved on-site one-step saliva screen for drugs of abuse (Cocaine, Opiates, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, and Benzodiazepines). Featuring improved THC (Marijuana) detection and a proprietary design, this test provides accurate results in 10 minutes. Easy Saliva Drug Testing No need for urine collection Avoids gender-specific collection issues Test for 6 drugs Eliminates collection site costs helps eliminate adulteration.

This drug test will detect the presence of the following drugs:

Type of Drug Test Cut-off Levels
Amphetamine (AMP) 50 ng/mL
Methamphetamine (mAMP) 50 ng/mL
Cocaine (COC) 20 ng/mL
Opiates (OPI) 40 ng/mL 40 ng/mL
Marijuana (THC) 100 ng/mL
Benzodiazepines (BZO) 10 ng/mL

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