What Does THC Nanogram Mean for Drug Testing?

As drug tests continue to be used the clarity of the results and the types of testing has evolved. One of the new forms of testing gaining popularity is “Nanogram testing”. A nanogram is the measurement of the level of metabolites, or the byproducts of drug use, in a person’s body. Essentially this form of drug testing analyzes the nanograms of a particular substance, like THC, in a person’s urine. Previous tests only render a “positive” or “negative” reading of use; however this form of marijuana drug testing is more specific. Nanogram testing delivers an almost exact number of nanograms present in the person’s urine which indicates the level of use, if any, within that person.

Like previous tests these levels are different for every person and every lifestyle. Water intake, exercise, metabolism, and consistency of use all effect the level of nanograms reported for a person. Of these, metabolism plays perhaps the most crucial role; since THC is a fat soluble chemical (meaning it stores in fat) it can actually be “burned” off quicker or slower depending on the body’s metabolism level. For example an athlete would on average have a lower level than someone of less physical activity with the same amount of use.

Does this really change anything? Amazingly yes, now instead of person simply being labeled an “addict” the drug test will reflect a more accurate portrayal of that person and their substance abuse. Now a potential employer can tell whether a person uses everyday, not at all, or just every once in a while. Many have suggested that the use of this drug testing might actually be positive for most people who use looking for employment. Statistics have shown that employers’ at most low skill jobs (like cleaning, delivery, and other tedious work) don’t really care if a person uses recreational drugs like Marijuana as long it happens infrequently. This test may prove to be revolutionary, for in the past it was not possible to really differentiate between a casual user that will be productive and a true substance abuser.


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