What do AMP Drug Tests Screen For

So you’ve been told that you might be taking an AMP drug test, but what substance does AMP screen for? AMP is the medical abbreviation for amphetamines and the drugs that contain them, most of which can be obtained legally through a prescription. Amphetamines are classified as stimulants and are the precursors to many illegal drugs like Methamphetamine and MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy. The need for amphetamine drug tests has risen in popularity since the onset of the prescription drug abuse epidemic that is sweeping the country. AMP drug testing is unique because it detects traces of specific Amphetamines such as Adderall, Zoloft, and Ritalin and it can also pick up on drugs to which it is a precursor substance, like Methamphetamine.

Complete drug testing kits first require that a sample is taken from the waste processes of your body; meaning the hair, saliva, or most commonly the urine. From there researchers or test strips (depending upon your screening method) analyze the content of specific metabolites inside of it. Metabolites are the leftover chemical residue found in body after a drug is consumed and broken down. The majority of illicit substances are expelled in your waste but all drug leave behind certain particles which can be detected and used to determine past substance abuse. These particles can be examined to reveal exactly what drug was ingested and sometimes even when. Amphetamines take on a variety of forms including pills or powders, all of which are stimulants and highly dangerous. They have also been known to be added or combined with other drugs to enhance the experience such as Ecstasy.

So what happens if you test positive? Well unless it can be proven that the drug in question was obtained legally and for legitimate use the consequences can be dire. If prescribed Ritalin, Adderall or another form of ADD/ADHD remember that you will appear dirty for amphetamines so keep your prescription forms ready to show your testing administer.


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