Top 10 Drug Testing Searches for 2010

The Internet is a world wide web of information, some of which can be challenging to sift through. This barrage of data can be a bit overwhelming at times—after all, anyone can search for anything online, and most searches will generate some sort of data hit. It seems as though the number of hits you get when conducting an online search can be as much of a topic popularity gauge as the search term itself. Here are a few of the top drug testing searches and a look at the search results they generate.

This may be a little boring, but the term “drug testing” pops up automatically on a Google search as soon as you start to type in the word “drug”. The term generates 6.7 million hits—clearly this is something the Internet audience is interested in learning about.

“Drug testing in the workplace” is another popular term, especially now that more employers are conducting drug tests as an requirement for employment. Type in this search term and you’ll get more than a million answers to your question.

“Is drug testing legal” seems to be a topic of great concern to Internet users. You’ll have your pick of nearly 8 million responses to that online question. “Types of drug tests” is also a popular search that results in more than 7 million hits from which to choose.

Search terms like “how to beat a drug test” and “passing a drug test” are quite popular and result in millions of hits. “Drug test myths” ranked a little lower, with just over 250,000 search result hits.

Marijuana drug test” searches garner 1.5 million searches, and “cocaine drug test” isn’t far behind. The term “heroin drug test” is less popular, with only 153,000 hits. This is interesting because the gap in search results mirrors drug use stats—heroin is a less-used drug than cocaine or marijuana. Perhaps this is an indication that search terms and results are a reflection of actual societal trends.


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