The School Drug Testing Movement Is Growing Everyday

After a decade of expanded drug testing programs in American schools, there is now conclusive evidence that school drug testing is the most effective deterrent to teen drug abuse. Federal officials have found that “an average of one school a month around the country has added testing programs in the past several years,” a trend which illustrates the growing confidence that parents and teachers have in school drug testing. While once students showed resistance to random drug testing while attending school, today’s teens have recognized the crucial role that drug testing plays in preventing widespread drug abuse.

By tying the drug testing programs to extracurricular activities, school officials have found that students are simply not willing to sacrifice their participation in athletics, clubs or scholarly associations to use illegal drugs. With recent innovations in the production of school drug testing kits, which are now designed to be as non-invasive as possible, school drug testing programs are now streamlined and efficient. This means that school districts around the country, many of which are struggling with budget issues, can institute drug testing programs secure in the knowledge that their money is being well spent. The school drug testing movement has gained legitimacy throughout years of successful trials, and today more schools than ever before rely on drug testing to provide a drug free educational environment.



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