The Benefits of Marijuana Drug Testing Kits

As most parents who grew up during the 60’s and 70’s surely know, marijuana use is extremely prevalent among adolescents and teenagers. The drug is smoked and inhaled, causing drowsiness, sluggish response, memory loss, and decreased ability to concentrate. Because these reactions to marijuana abuse severely compromise a student’s ability to focus and learn, it is imperative that responsible parents do everything they can to prevent their children from using marijuana. Thankfully, the marijuana drug testing kit is a vital tool in this effort, as it allows parents to test children regularly for evidence of marijuana abuse.

The marijuana drug testing kit typically comes in two main types: a single use urinalysis drug test, and a long term hair follicle drug test. The benefits of the single THC drug test include ease of use and results which are returned quickly. The hair follicle test can test for other drugs along with marijuana, and can detect traces of marijuana use long after the subject has stopped abusing the drug. Either one of these marijuana drug test kits are great resources for parents who want to ensure that their children are protected from the dangers of marijuana abuse.


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