Suffolk County Home Drug Testing Program Leads the Way

Responding to the rising tide of drug abuse in suburbs across the country, government and school officials in Suffolk County, Long Island have demonstrated clearly that home drug test kits are the best deterrent available. A new program has distributed 350 home drug test kits to parents of high school students, illustrating the crucial importance of home drug testing for parents everywhere. In the effort to stem what can only be called a drug epidemic among suburban teens, home drug testing has been shown time and time again, through successful programs in Suffolk County and elsewhere, to be the most effective drug prevention resource parents have.

The ability to screen for several drugs at once, using a Multiple Substance Test, provides parents with a more complete look into their child’s behavior while greatly improving the chances that any drug abuse will be detected. Home drug test kits can be utilized in many forms, including the urinalysis drug test, the hair follicle drug test, and the saliva drug test. Each of these options provides different benefits, such as the 3 month testing scope of the hair follicle test and the ease of use provided by the saliva test. For concerned parents who want to do everything they can to keep their children drug free, home drug testing is the most powerful tool you have.


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