School’s Give Random Drug Testing

In an attempt to decrease drug abuse problems some schools are beginning to give random student drug tests. Public schools are legally allowed to only perform random drug tests on students who participate in extracurricular activities.

The participating schools are hoping that giving random drug tests will scare students from doing drugs. If a student tests positive they will be forced to seek treatment before the substance abuse gets worse in their life.

Young and teenage students who do have drug abuse problems are hurting many other people besides themselves physically. Drug abuse in schools affects the teaching environment, other students, family, friends and anyone they come in contact with.

The purpose of conducting student drug testing is not to discipline the student, but to help them. Counseling and follow-up screening would result in hopes to intervene before the drug problem gets out of hand. The positive testing drug abusers can also be refereed to substance treatment programs to start a recovery process.

Although some might argue that school drug testing could be considered harassing teenagers and an invasion of privacy, the truth is that teens are vulnerable and susceptible to drug abuse. The choices they make in high school affects their future in ways they can’t yet imagine. If a teen decides to do ingest mind altering substances, the more likely it is that student will develop an addiction or permanently damage their brain. Likewise, studies show that teens that do not do drugs are less likely to have a drug abuse problem later in their life.

Studies have been conducted and although random drug testing has not made schools 100% drug free, the numbers are decreasing.

There are several methods that schools use to test students. It is up to the school to decide what type sample collection would work best for them. The standard student drug testing method screens urine for the following five substances: marijuana, cocaine, opioids, amphetamines, and PCP. The other methods of collection are hair, sweat or a saliva drug test.


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