Saliva Drug Testing Appreciated By Employees

One concern about employee drug testing is that regular testing may be seen as invasive, but the saliva drug testing makes screening for illicit substances quicker and easier than ever before. Saliva drug tests require only that an employee or prospective hire press a small sponge, similar to a Q-tip swab, in their mouth for 1-2 minutes. The saliva collected is then tested for traces of drugs and the results are returned in only 10 minutes. A line appearing next to the name of an illegal drug indicates that the test is positive, and nearly all employers who use the method report that saliva drug testing is the easiest and fastest available.

For employers who want to ensure that their workplace or staff is drug free in the most convenient way possible, saliva drug testing is the perfect choice. Saliva drug test kits can be stored on-site and used quickly and simply, forgoing the need for expensive laboratory time. Employees have been highly receptive to the ease of saliva drug testing, so you can protect your business from employee drug abuse while also retaining the morale and respect of your workforce.


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