Saliva Drug Testing

Employers and government agencies have embraced drug testing as part of their regular screening processes. Even the United States court system uses this method to drug test its employees. For years, many companies have relied on urine tests. Today, more are turning to saliva drug testing, which is revered as an accurate, non-invasive alternative screening method.

Saliva tests work like this: the person being tested submits a saliva sample which is then placed on a test strip. If the strip stays colorless, the person being tested is drug-free. If any colors show up, it is a different story entirely—different colors represent the presence of different drugs, making it easy for testers to spot drug use. Saliva drug tests are multipanel screening devices that will detect the presence of multiple substances in one single kit.

One of the main concerns about saliva tests is the length of time that drug use shows up in the results. Experts say saliva will only detect drugs for a few days after use. So if a drug-user can stay clean for just a couple days, he or she may be able to pass a saliva test. On the other hand, urine and hair drug tests can detect drugs for a much longer period of time, enabling potential employers to determine habitual drug use.

Despite its flaws, more companies are turning to saliva tests because they are extremely easy to use and do not require a nurse or 3rd party vendor to manage. In fact, they can be administered on-site and provide instant test results. This can be a huge cost savings to employers who frequently conduct random drug testing. One simple test administered in any office (you don’t even need a bathroom) with results in ten minutes is why saliva drug tests are quickly becoming an industrial favorite. Less invasive then urine tests yet still able to provide the same accurate results.


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