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Reasons to Use Fish Oil While Detoxing from Drugs

Several medical studies have shown the link between drug addiction and an unbalanced diet; notable resources like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic have confirmed this. Many drug counselors and medical professionals believe that putting recovering addicts on a nutrient-filled diet plan can help to reverse the chemical imbalances in the brain and body that can lead to substance abuse. Certain beneficial supplements like fish oil can aid in the transition to becoming drug free.

In addition to fish oil’s ability to lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss efforts, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help to balance the brain’s neurochemicals. Fish oil can improve concentration, and boost the amounts of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These chemicals help a person to cope with stress in a more logical fashion, and can provide the sense of reward one feels when he/she makes a wise choice. Individuals who are in detox treatment would likely do well to take fish oil supplements with meals; this could reduce the urge to abuse drugs during feelings of stress, anger or sadness.

How Does Fish Oil Help?

Fish oil increases blood flow to the brain as well. This is an indication that nutrients are being evenly distributed through the body, and that oxygen flow is balanced. Fish oil can also help to balance glucose levels, which is very helpful in reducing stress and erratic behavior. When a person feels relaxed and level-headed, he/she is much less likely to self-medicate by overdosing on prescription pills or taking illegal drugs.

If you want to include fish oil into a patient or loved one’s diet, it’s best to select high-quality oil that has been purified. Many cheaper brands of fish oil are filled with mercury and other pollutants, so a supplement that has been triple purified is best.

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