Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Prescriptions

Even though you’ve gone to the doctor for a particular ailment, and it’s safe to assume that the treatments and medications you’ll receive from the physician are for said ailment, don’t forget to ask questions. You deserve to know exactly what you’re taking, and the possible side effects of the drug. A number of drugs that are used to treat pain and blood pressure issues can become addictive, so going to a doctor who will be honest about these complications is best.

Be sure to ask your doctor exactly what the medication is for. If you’re getting medicine for a migraine, ask why the doctor chose this medication as opposed to a similar one for you. This will further prompt the physician to consider your personal risk factors, such as previous heart attack or stroke, or diabetes. When you’re taking medication that “agrees” with your body, you’re less likely to abuse the drug and become addicted.

Ask about the risk factors of the medication in detail. Even if the pills cause minor discomfort like gas or marked drowsiness, you need to know about them. This will give you an accurate idea of what to expect when you’re taking the medication, and will lessen your anxiety when your body starts reacting in a slightly strange way. Of course, you’ll also need to get all the details on the major risk factors that can occur from taking the prescription as well. If you feel that there are too many risks, ask your doctor to change your prescription before leaving your appointment.

Talk to your doctor about natural remedies or lifestyle changes that you can use instead of pills if you don’t feel comfortable taking the medication. Some opium-based drugs can be highly addictive, as they cause euphoric sensations in the body. And if you’ve been prescribed these pills in large doses, there is a great chances that you’ll start abusing the pills. If you’re not getting the answers you need from your physician, do some research yourself to find out which lifestyle adjustments are best for you.

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