Multiple Substance Test Enables Parents to Prevent Drug Abuse

Parents can usually rely on their instincts to alert them to a child’s potential drug abuse, but it can sometimes be very difficult to determine exactly which illicit substances are being used. Because many illegal drugs have similar symptoms, like watery and bloodshot eyes, erratic behavior, and withdrawal from family activities, it is hard to tell which drugs you should test your children for. Fortunately for concerned parents, the innovative Multiple Substance Test, or M.S.T., can be used to detect the presence of up to 5 drugs at once. The scope of testing made available by the Multiple Substance Test makes it possible for parents to test their children for the 5 most commonly abused drugs: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy (MDMA), and opiates.

The convenient and easy to use Five Panel Drug Test is a standard urinalysis test which is perfect for any parent who suspects their child may be addicted to drugs, but cannot be sure which drugs may be the culprit. The Hair Confirm Express is another Multiple Substance Test which tests for the 5 commonly abused drugs listed above, as well as prescription pills like Valium, Xanax, and Vicodin. Multiple Substance Tests like the Five Panel Drug Test and Hair Confirm Express are in total compliance with regulations put in place by the Food and Drug Administration, and provide accurate and reliable results in a matter of minutes.  By utilizing a combination of Multi Substance Drug Tests, parents can rest assured that their children are free of dangerous drug addictions.


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