Knowing Which Drug Testing Option To Use

While most employers are aware that drug testing kits come in two main forms, the urinalysis test and the hair follicle test, they may not know which option is best for various workplace situations. For example, if an accident has occurred on the job and resulted in injuries or property damage, a responsible employer would want to determine if anybody involved was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this case, a urinalysis test is the best choice because urine testing is required by federal law to meet strict guidelines, while hair follicle testing has less stringent requirements. Urinalysis testing is considered much more reliable as evidence in a courtroom and should be used when it is likely that legal action may be taken.

On the other hand, if an employer wants to examine his staff’s drug usage over a long period, perhaps for a quarterly review, he or she should choose the hair follicle test. Traces of drug use, even up to 2 months after the illicit substance was last used, can be detected by hair follicle testing. This is also a less intrusive option for large workforces, as it simply requires a few strands of hair to be plucked, rather than dealing with bodily fluids. Knowing which drug testing option you may need for certain circumstances is essential for any conscientious employer.


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