Effects on Teen Drug Testing

Dealing with peer pressure for teens and children is a crucial skill that can often set the path for their futures. The human need to fit in and gain acceptance from peers is normal, and at an impressionable young age- the wrong choice can prove deadly. When faced with the peer pressure of drugs, a child may not know how to act or what to say to get out of the situation. Studies show that when a teen buys or uses drugs for the first time the substance is usually obtained from a friend.

Home drug testing kits are one way to give your child an excuse to say no.

This method of drug testing is used in the privacy of your own home, at any time the parent feels necessary. By simply having  a home drug testing kit in the house can prevent drug use from happening, or simply assure you that your child is not abusing drugs. While some teenagers might feel this is an extreme measure, you the parent know it is out of love. If explained honestly to your child the risks of drug use and the dangers that it presents, they will come to understand. Keeping an open dialog with your child is key to recognizing peer pressure when it happens. And studies show- it will happen.

When testing teenagers three types of tests are used. The standard drug test, an alcohol test and also a tobacco test. This gives you a broad range of substances that they are pressured into. These days’ teens believe that putting illegal drugs into their bodies has no consequences. Given the statistics these are the real consequences;

  • The United States spends more than $58 billion a year for underage drinking costs
  • Teens who abuse alcohol have a 50% greater chance of consuming cocaine.
  • Alcohol kills over more than 6 times underage drinkers than all illegal drugs do (usually through serious accidents)
  • 60% of students say they know about drugs that are kept, used or sold at their school.
  • In the past 30 days, 50% of teenagers have been drinking, with 32% being drunk.

Teenagers also find themselves in trouble with the law, due to the effects of drug use. Teen arrestees’ regularly test positive for drug use with  The National Institute of Justices Arrestee and Drug Monitoring System finding that 66% of underage male arrestees tested positive for marijuana.

If you have or know any child that is struggling with drug and/or substance abuse please get them the help they need in order to help turn their life around. It is this type of caring that can put an end to teenager experimentation that can lead to a life of addiction, an accident, rehab, jail or worse.


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