Drug Testing at Home During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the chemistry and processes of the female body shift in key ways to adjust to the care and creation of another life. However does this change in chemistry have any effect on the results and administration of drug tests? While much within the body has changed during this transition, home drug testing is both safe and encouraged.

So does pregnancy impact drug testing? No, not really. Drug tests simply don’t work that way, hormones don’t influence the results and the test is usually noninvasive. Drug tests analyze the content of metabolites in a person’s urine. Metabolites are the byproducts left within the body after a drug in consumed and broken down with the body. Although hormones have altered many of the chemical levels within the body, this level(s) will remain largely unaffected. It has been feared that pregnancy and the drugs prescribed for the pain associated can deliver a “false positive” result however this is not true. The only way to have the key metabolites being tested within your body is to have ingested them at some point previous to the testing.

In addition the testing of oneself can be done so without any harm to the mother or the child. Most screening devices are done by analyzing the waste products of a person, like the urine or hair. The testing of these do not put the baby in harms way and do nothing to affect the ongoing pregnancy. Taking a few strands of hair follicles for a hair drug test has no effect on the child. However if one is using, or has issues with substance abuse, you are encouraged to detox and test yourself previous by visiting any hospital. By law the hospital staff can and will test any mother suspected of consuming drugs during pregnancy; if a positive result is attained for any reason problems will occur. Even minimal use and second hand smoke can be detected through this test which can lead to the involvement of child protective services and other law enforcement agencies if the unborn child is at risk.


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