Benefits of Using Home Drug Testing Kits

There are a variety of different methods when it comes to home drug testing kits. These methods include testing saliva, hair, urine and sweat. Each of these tests has an individual benefit.

The saliva drug test is able to detect drug use immediately following ingestion of the substance. The main drawback is that there is a short time frame of when this test is able to detect drugs. The main benefit is it can give you results before the drug has broken down into the body. A hair drug test offers a testing window of around three months. Out of all at-home tests available the hair drug test provides the longest history of drugs in the system. The sweat drug test is conducted by applying a patch to the subject that is worn for a week long period. Another benefit is sweat tests are very difficult to tamper with.

When performing drug tests, some people might want to remain anonymous, and are at times discouraged to send drug test to laboratories. To overcome these concerns a home drug testing kit is the perfect solution. The test can be performed in the comfort of the home or workplace. Home drug testing kits are also useful for parents suspecting or wanting to prevent their children from substance abuse.

Here is a list of some of the advantages of using home drug testing kits:

  • Time efficient:  A home drug testing kit eliminates delays in time and stress, since the test and results are instant.  When sending the test to a laboratory, it can take days to receive results.
  • Cost efficient: It provides quality screening without having to pay laboratory-testing fees.
  • Simplicity: Home drug testing is extremely easy to administer. No training or other equipment is needed.
  • Accuracy: The results are 99% accurate- creating a very small margin of error.
  • Easy to read. Prevents a misreading of the test with the easy to read visual display.

Another bonus of home drug testing kits are that they can be used in a variety of different places including:

  • Random drug screening for employees or pre-employment
  • Halfway homes and drug rehab programs
  • “Drug free” schools and workplaces
  • Insurance exams
  • Routine medical exams



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