Illinois Parents Upset About Student Drug Testing

The parents of students at Lake Zurich High School in Illinois have been in a year long struggle over a proposed drug testing plan. Lake Zurich High School proposed random drug testing to occur for students who participate in extracurricular activities and drive a car to school. If a positive drug test was found, that student would be suspended from their extracurricular activities.

District 95 is expected to reject the drug testing proposal, because so many parents have complained that they are against it. A recent survey showed that seventy-six percent of the parents disagreed with the drug testing proposal.

The drug testing proposal upset a lot of parents, because they felt that they’re parental responsibilities were being taken away from them. They also felt that it was unfair to only drug test these particular students who were involved in activities. Board member Michael Finn who showed concern for these parents stated, “It’s our job to educate, it’s the police’s job to police. It’s the parents’ job to parent.”

Finn also stated that he’s pleased that these residents will have closure. “It will end a chapter and allow us to focus on what needs to get done next,” said Finn, who had been critical of the proposal.

Many of the parents who spoke against the plan said it infringed on their parental responsibilities. Others voiced concerns about privacy, and some opposed the plan because it singled out students in extracurricular programs and were worried about their children’s privacy.

Board member, Tony Pietro who at first supported random drug testing, has now changed his mind stating that he “sees now that it isn’t a good idea.” Pietro was involved in the months of discussions and was shown the results of the most recent survey.

Doug Goldberg a board member for the District 95 said that although these drug testing may not be right for this community, the effort got people talking about teen drug use.



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