Failed Drug Testing Numbers Exaggerated by Gov. of South Carolina

It seems that South Carolina Gov. Nikkie Haley needs to be more careful of what she says, especially when it comes to drug testing.

The Governor stated that she couldn’t back up claims on her statement that half of the applicants who wanted to work at the Energy Department Savannah River Site failed drug tests and the other half were unable to pass a reading and writing test. It seems that this is far from the truth.

Haley was at the Savannah River Site while campaigning for governor.

“We were on the site. There were multiple people in there. And that comment that they made had a huge impact on me,” Haley said. “It is the reason you’re hearing me look into whether we can do drug testing. It’s the reason you hear me focus so much on job training,” Haley said. “Somebody can’t say that and it not stick you in theĀ gut.”

And “now they’re all backing off saying it. And they know they said it.,” Haley said.

The spokesmen for Savannah River Site has stated that less than 1 percent of the employees seeking security badges to work at the site fail drug tests. Although this figure does not represent the workers seeking security clearances to enter and work on site due to outside vendors. The details for other skills have not been made available.

Quest Diagnostics, a national drug testing company produced an annual report of pre-employment and workplace drug testing. They found that in 2010, less than 2 percent tested positive for pre-employment. Also information from 4.5 million urine test showed 3.5 percent of employees tested positive for drugs after being hired. Since 2006 this rate has been below 4 percent.

Regardless of the current situation and statics Haley stated that she still believes in the need for drug tests tied to unemployment benefits and wants to renovate job skill programs. She blames the state Commerce Department for exaggerating the economic development numbers.




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