Eleven NFL Players Face Discipline for Positive Drug Tests

Eleven NFL players are facing serious consequences for testing positive for drugs, according to a Yahoo! Sports news article. The NFL players were promised by DeMaurice Smith, the NFL Players’ Association Executive Director that for 30 days after the summer’s lockout there would be no drug testing. Unfortunately, he gave the players wrong information, because drug testing occurred on the second day of the NFL’s training camp.

Many within the organization are not surprised at these players failed drug tests. It is well known within the industry that professional athletes are prone to drug abuse during their off seasons.

The players who tested positive include the Redskins tight end Fred Davis and offensive tackle Trent Williams. It is unclear who, but one of the eleven players had previously tested positive, therefore this is his second offense and is facing suspension. The other players will be able to play and will only face being fined.

Regarding this incident a player rep is quoted as saying:

“I told De that this was a concern of a number of players after the lockout ended and he said, ‘I got you covered,’ ” one of the player reps said. “I went back and told the players, ‘Look, whatever it is you’ve been doing, you need to stop and be ready, but that we would probably have a 30-day grace period before the league started testing.

“Then we get to camp and [the league is] testing us on Day 2. Guys are looking at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. It was embarrassing. I called the union and I was told there were a lot of things that fell through the cracks at the last minute.”

George Atallah, the spokesman for NFLPA has refrained to comment on this drug testing issue.


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