College Prep School Celebrates Five Years of Drug Testing

Christian Brothers College High School is celebrating five years of mandatory drug testing this school year. Within these five years over 5,000 drug test were given and only a total of eight students had to withdraw from this college prep school. Jane Eschmann, the schools assistant principal and administrator stated, “We think that’s a pretty phenomenal number”.

Before students begin attending the school they are informed (along with their parents) that mandatory drug testing will occur throughout the school year. This year 860 hair drug tests were given to students within the first semester. During the second semester 25 to 33 percent of students will be given random drug tests. Since the school began this procedure five years ago, there has never been a student who has refused the test.

The drug tests can detect uses of marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, PCP, heroin, opiates and ecstasy. A sample of hair is collected, usually 1.5 inches long from the students. The method of testing samples of hair is beneficial due to being able to detect whether drug use is occasional or used heavily. It can also provide and approximation of when a drug was last used. It is estimated that for a half inch of hair the test can detect 30 days of drug use.

If a student shaves their head or for other reasons, unable to provide a sample of hair from the top of their head a sample of hair can be taken off other parts of the body, such as legs or arms.

“The only drug we have seen this year is marijuana, and, of the nine positive tests this year, five were seniors and four were juniors with all freshmen and sophomores testing drug-free,” Eschmann said.

Mike England has been the schools president for 23 years and said drug testing “has been one of the most positive things that’s ever happened to our school.”.



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  1. Ana | April 13, 2012 at 3:09 am #

    I am 15 and having a hard time painyg attention in school and failing. I told my mom and she just thinks I am lazy, but I dont notice that I am zoning out till I zone back in and have no idea whats going on in class so i just sit there.If I can convince my mom to get me help will the drug test me cause I am a recreational weed smoker and dont want her to know.No I was asking IF they will if a have evaluation.NO its not the weed I smoke 1-3 time every other week I dont do it every day and I just started 3 months ago and been having this problem for accouple of years.

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