When You Should Stage an Intervention

Often, people think of an intervention as a last resort to get a loved one into drug addiction treatment. However, the Drug Addiction Treatment website recommends staging an intervention much earlier. It will be easier to get through to a family member when he/she has not been abusing drugs for years, or when the addict is using drugs every day and is likely to be very angry or defensive when confronted. There are several signs to look for that will help you determine whether it’s the right time for a drug intervention.

When you start to notice that a loved one is withdrawing from the family or your group of friends, it’s time to contact a drug counselor who can guide you through the intervention process. In many cases, an addict will shy away from familiar surroundings, so that he/she won’t be “judged” for doing drugs, or encouraged to end their addiction. When a friend declines offers to spend time with you more than two or three times, and becomes uptight when you ask if everything is ok, this may be a sign of drug addiction, and an indication that an intervention is necessary.

If you see that a family member is reacting negatively to stress and has been drinking more than normal, this may also mean that an intervention should be scheduled. In some cases, if a person is abusing alcohol, he/she may also be taking painkillers or other medications in excess. As soon as you can gather the individuals that should be present at the intervention, i.e. the addict’s spouse, children, and closest friends, ask a local drug counselor to attend the intervention on the date you’ve scheduled.

Of course, if you see any drug paraphernalia in a friend or loved one’s possession, you should schedule an intervention. For instance, finding rolling papers for marijuana in your teen’s room, or discovering bottles of wine underneath a friend’s bed means that you should confront your loved one about the problem before it’s too late.

During your intervention, you may also want to give your family member a drug test. Complete Drug Testing Solutions has all the evaluations you need to get accurate results that will help you determine which treatments are best for your family member. It’s also important to provide constant support to your family member even after official addiction treatment has ended.



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