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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes manic depression. Individuals who have bipolar disorder are sometimes more likely to abuse drugs. However, there are also some substances that can cause the mental illness as well.

A person who has bipolar disorder may experience symptoms like severe mood swings, a drastic change in activity levels, and a decreased ability to carry out everyday tasks. This mental illness doesn’t just make people experience the normal changes in feelings that everyone goes through, such as being disappointed when a job interview doesn’t go well, or being extremely excited about having a baby. The slightest circumstances can make someone with bipolar disorder react violently, or with an emotion that is inappropriate for the situation. Some bipolar patients are also suicidal, and can’t perform well academically or professionally.

The condition often affects people in their late teenage years, or the early stages of adulthood. This is also the time in a person’s life when he/she is likely introduced to drugs. Since the brain is still very impressionable during these years, individuals can become addicts in their teenage years, or during their early twenties. For instance, the Medscape website asserts that people with bipolar disorder are more receptive to cocaine. Psych also reveals that teens and young adults who use ecstasy are also more prone to bipolar disorder. Individuals who have already been diagnosed with the mental condition may use these drugs in an attempt to stabilize their moods. However, this is dangerous, since ecstasy and cocaine have several life-threatening side effects.

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness that can be managed and treated, so that the person with the condition does not have to constantly fall victim to its symptoms. Complete Drug Testing Solutions offers a variety of drug tests that you can use at home with a friend or loved one who has bipolar disorder. The evaluations will let you know whether the person in question abusing prescription drugs to manage symptoms, or abusing illegal drugs. Once you have the results, you can get the necessary help for a family member or patient who is bipolar.


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