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The Professional Team that Is Necessary for Successful Rehab

If you’ve organized an intervention for a friend or loved one who is addicted to drugs and he/she is now in rehab, you’ll need to be familiar with the team of professionals needed for the addict’s complete recovery. Several people are needed to make sure that the person addicted to drugs recovers from this serious problem and is able to live a well-balanced and healthy life.

How Does Rehab Work?

A drug rehab counselor provides a listening ear for the addict. The counselor talks to the addict about the reasons for their drug problem, and explores healthier ways to express feelings like anger, sadness or fear that can sometimes lead to substance abuse. The counselor at the drug rehab center also enforces the rules of the center, which could include making sure that the addict does not have access to cell phones or the internet for the first few days. This eliminates the chances that the addict will get in touch with individuals who can provide them with drugs.

A doctor is also part of the drug rehab team. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe special painkillers, or medicines that regulate the digestive system to make the drug detoxification process bearable for the addict. The doctor will also closely monitor the patient to make sure that he/she is not abusing the recovery medication. A physician is also on the drug rehab team to ensure that addicts are no longer abusing the pills they are in treatment for.

It’s also a good idea to hire a dietician or nutritionist to join the team of professionals who will help your family member become drug free. This medical professional can come up with a meal plan for the recovering addict that will supply the body with vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for mental and physical health. A balanced diet is also one of the first steps toward a more positive lifestyle, and could reduce the chances that an addict will begin using drugs again.

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