The Drug Problem Today and the Four Stages of Drug Abuse

In today’s society the presence of drugs is everywhere, especially for high school students. It doesn’t matter what group a student hangs out with- the athletes, honor students, average and troubled students- at some point they will be exposed to dangerous drugs.

According to studies conducted in America’s school system, 54% of high school seniors have used  an illegal drug. And this isn’t just “experimenting” with marijuana. According to the study 82% have used cocaine and 2% have tried heroine. Dangerous substances like Ecstasy, GHB and other substances are extremely easy for high school students to get a hold of.

The effect these drugs can have creates a hindrance with emotional, intellectual and physical development. Also some of these teenagers “experimenting” can lead to serious drug abuse problems in their futures.

There are four stages of drug abuse;

The first stage is experimental. Usually in a social setting a person will be offered the drug and will take it for the first time.

The second stage is occasional use. This means that it might be openly offered at party from another person.

The third stage is when a person starts purchasing the drug and using on a regular basis.

The fourth stage is habitual use. At this point a person is controlled by the substance, due to strong cravings.

If caught earlier enough, the family can try confronting the abuser and addressing the issue to discourage future drug use. But in many cases a person in the fourth stage of abuse will need professional help along with strong family support.

Some families are now creating an anti-drug policy within their own home. Parents are using home drug testing kits as a preventative tool to keep their children from abusing drugs.



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