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Sleeping Pill Addiction

Sleeping pills are sometimes prescribed to patients who are struggling with insomnia, but these medications can potentially become addictive. Some individuals abuse the medication for the relaxed and slightly euphoric sensation that the pills provide, and many patients who rely on sleeping pills too heavily have to receive rehabilitation treatment to restore their health. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders asserts that a person is addicted to sleeping pills when he/she begins to exhibit symptoms such as: withdrawal from social or recreational activities that were once enjoyed, use of sleeping pills to avoid unfavorable withdrawal symptoms, or using more of the sleeping pills than the prescribed dosage. Some medical professionals even warn that a dependence on sleeping pills can sometimes be as devastating as an addiction to meth or heroin.

Symptoms of sleeping pill addiction are also similar to the side effects that can occur when a person is taking an illegal substance. Red eyes and dilated pupils, as well as paranoia and hallucinations, can occur in people who are abusing sleeping pills. Extreme emotional sensitivity, outbursts, and rapid speech are also symptoms of a sleeping pill addiction. If a loved one or patient is displaying these symptoms, it’s important to contact a doctor immediately for treatment. Some people will even begin to lose weight at a drastic weight due to loss of appetite.

In order to monitor treatment and ensure that the addict does not start using sleeping pills again, purchase a medication drug test from Complete Drug Testing Solutions. The results, which are very easy to read, will let you know immediately whether you need to contact a rehabilitation center to further the addict’s treatment. The tests are also ideal to have on-hand so that you can administer them at random to make sure that the addict isn’t using the sleeping pills inappropriately.



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