Prescription Drugs On The Rise Among The Youth of America

A new study performed by a research team from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has found that more than one in five teens who have been prescribed a controlled medication substance such as Oxycodone (for pain) or Ritalin (to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are abusing the drugs.


Researchers from the study have also stated that these children are also more likely to abuse other substances and to start giving or selling drugs to their peers. As the number of prescriptions for these controlled medication increases, so the the risk of their abuse and misuse.

This study measured the rates of abuse for four different types of controlled medications: painkillers, stimulants, sleeping medication and anti-anxiety drugs.

They created a website survey in which 2,600 middle and high school students from two southeastern Michigan school districts replied. One in five of these tested students have claimed to used at least one of the types of controlled medications throughout the past year.

Of those, 22 percent stated they had abused the prescribed medication, frequently by consuming extra doses.

Compared to students who have used their medication correctly, these students were nearly eight times more likely to test positive for drugs and are presumably more likely to start giving or selling drugs to others, the study stated.

The numbers of prescription painkillers abuse is soaring at an alarmingly rate nation wide between Americans. This misuse is a growing concern. Admission rates for drug treatment for abuse of opiates other than heroin has risen by 345 percent from 1998-2008.

Another study that has appeared in Archives of General Psychiatry, discovered that people with anxiety who “self-medicate” with drugs or alcohol are more likely to become substance abusers. According to a research team from the University of Manitoba, Canada they found that U.S. adults who self-medicate were also more likely to develop social phobia.



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