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Popular Drugs and Their Level of Addiction

While you’ve likely warned your teens against the dangers of using any kind of illegal drugs, it’s also important for you to know the level of addiction these substances pose. Some drugs are far more dangerous than others, and you should be looking for the warning signs that come with abusing these substances so that you can get help for your teen right away.

Non Addictive Drugs

Marijuana, also called “pot” or “weed” is probably the least addictive of all street drugs. It’s considered a recreational substance, but for some teens, marijuana is a gateway drug, and makes it easier for them to experiment with “harder” substances. However, some people can smoke weed for several months, and then stop cold turkey with no side effects. Although, some individuals do have trouble sleeping after they stop smoking. It’s important to note that everyone reacts differently to being “high” as well. For instance, your child may appear very sedated and will laugh at everything when high. Or, your teen could have a panic attack, along with a hard time sitting or standing still after smoking. There is also a pretty good chance that your teen will gain weight if he/she is smoking marijuana, as the substance increases the appetite. Medical reports also suggest that there’s really no feasible way to overdose on marijuana, which is another reason why it’s so widely used.

Psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD are also not addictive, and individuals can’t overdose on the substances. However, psychedelics can cause intense “trips” that can alter one’s personality and outlook on life permanently. If your teen has a mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, these drugs will make the condition a lot worse. LSD and mushrooms can cause panic attacks and extreme anxiety. In the 1930s and 1940s, and doctors used LSD for patients with manic depressive disorders, but the drug has since been tested and poses too many risks to be used as an effective medical treatment.

Addictive Drugs

MDMA or ecstasy is more addictive than the drugs mentioned above. Most ecstasy pills have more than just this main substance, and it’s virtually impossible to know the chemicals that are contained in these pills, especially if your teen is buying them off the street. Some of these pills even have meth in them, which is extremely addictive, and can be deadly. It is also possible to die from an ecstasy overdose. While the substance is not physically addictive, the mind will crave more of the drug. People may also experience complications or near-death conditions from taking ecstasy when they spend hours dancing at a “rave” without eating or drinking.

People often take painkillers and cocaine together, and both of these drugs by themselves are highly addictive. Some people become dependent on medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin after a major operation or accident, and this can sometimes lead to other drug addictions like cocaine. Cocaine, like ecstasy, is much more mentally than physically addictive, and the mind craves more after each dose.

Continuing talking with your kids about how bad drugs are for the body, and share details with them about the effect dangerous substances can have on their mind and body. Contact Complete Drug Testing Solutions today for a drug test if you suspect your child is experimenting with drugs.


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