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Long Term Effects of Marijuana

Many people have experimented with marijuana at some point in life, usually during their teenage or college years. While marijuana is known for its ability to make you feel “enlightened” or “mellow”, there are also several negative effects of taking the drug. It’s important to know all the ways that marijuana can affect your body, so that you can avoid forming a habit that it may be extremely difficult to break. The most common reason for failed drug tests in teens and adults is marijuana abuse.

Delayed problem-solving abilities. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the substance in marijuana that gives users that “high” feeling. THC reacts with cannaboid receptors in the brain to create this euphoric sensation. However, some people have more cannaboid receptors than others. This means that while some people will feel extremely relaxed and at ease after smoking marijuana, some will become confused and lose their train of thought easily. This will make it difficult to solve problems, deal with stress, or even have a logical conversation. And, over time, studies have shown that those who feel especially calm after smoking marijuana eventually use their motivation to accomplish new goals in life, especially if achieving new things in life requires too much “work.”

Impaired lung function. Studies have shown that people who smoke marijuana could experience the same harmful side effects of cigarette smokers. Marijuana smoke can cause burning and singing in the mouth and throat, as well as heavy and frequent coughing. This increases the risk of lung infection and can obstruct the airways, making it easier for the body to develop bronchitis.

Impaired sensory function and response. Even if you don’t smoke marijuana often, the drug still has the potential to negative effect your sense of taste, smell or touch. And unfortunately, smoking marijuana can also affect your response time when something affects your senses. For instance, if you walked into a room where a harmful substance was emitted, you may not notice it as quickly as a non-smoker.

Decreased immune function. THC can weaken the body’s immune system, making you more susceptible to other diseases and viruses. And if you’re less likely to fight off the flu or the common cold, this can affect every area of your life. Smoking marijuana on a regular basis can also make you more prone to serious illnesses like pneumonia or liver complications.

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“He is also a strong prenonopt of mandatory workplace drug testing, even when there are no safety and security ramifications to the job.”He wants the government to force employers to drug test their workers? Incredible. Under what reasoning?It’s a shame that it seems there will be no easing of the farcical “War on Drugs” regardless of whether the Dems or Republicans are in power.

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