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Is Your Spouse Abusing Drugs?

One of the hardest things to admit is that your spouse has a drug problem. But if you’re not honest about the drug abuse, you and your family could continue to suffer emotionally and financially—and your significant other will be putting his/her health in serious jeopardy. If you have an inclination that your spouse is abusing harmful substances but need a little more proof to know for sure, these warning signs will help you to get your husband or wife the necessary help right away.

Signs Of Drug Abuse

If your spouse is exhibiting severe mood swings often, this could be an indication of drug abuse. Drugs like meth and cocaine can cause a person to be extremely loving and affection one minute, and violent and argumentative the next—without a real cause. If your spouse responds inappropriately to a questions you’ve asked, or yells at your children for something extremely minor, and you see this behavior daily or almost daily, this is a sign that your mate is abusing drugs. Prescription medications like opiates can cause these reactions as well. So, if your husband or wife has been prescribed medicines like Vicodin or Oxycontin by a doctor recently, monitor his/her behavior and talk to your family doctor about medication alternatives.

Financial issues can also be a sign of your spouse’s drug abuse. If large amounts of money are missing from your savings, or your mate becomes annoyed or defensive when you ask about it, take this as a warning sign. Your spouse will also try to hide excessive use of the family’s money for the purchase of drugs, and may not have the money to complete normal family tasks, like going to the grocery store after work or putting gas in one of the family vehicles.

Your mate’s sleeping patterns will change drastically when he/she is on drugs as well. Crack and heroin will cause a person to nod off several times in the middle of the day, and opiates can cause drowsiness and fatigue that is hard to shake. Drugs like cocaine, which can also be a stimulant, will decrease the need for sleep, so if your spouse is staying up until the wee hours of the morning, or is missing work often due to oversleeping, it may be time to seek help.

A drug test from Complete Drug Testing Solutions will confirm whether your spouse is struggling with substance abuse. The results will also help you choose the right treatment for your mate, so that you can start rebuilding your family and helping your spouse to restore his/her health.


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