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Fibromyalgia and Drug Abuse

Even though medications like Lyrica or Cymbalta are effective for treating the pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia, these drugs can be harmful if used in excess. MedTV reports that Cymbalta can cause depression, and that people with previous alcohol addiction are more likely to abuse the drug. The website also reveals that people who have struggled with opiate abuse in the past have a tendency to become addicted to Lyrica.

Using the fibromyalgia medication in the smallest doses possible will help reduce the risk of addiction. It’s also best for fibromyalgia patients to tell their physicians if they experience any side effects from taking fibromyalgia medicine. Even if the side effects are minor, like headaches or dry mouth, these could lead to bigger physical complications. Cymbalta can also cause constipation, insomnia, dizziness and sweating. These are also signs of substance abuse. Taking Lyrica can result in poor coordination, memory loss and problems with speech—these are also some of the same symptoms that those addicted to illegal drugs or prescription medications will experience.

If you think your body is becoming dependent on fibromyalgia medications, purchase a test from Complete Drug Testing Solutions for confirmation. You can give yourself the test before visiting the doctor for a medication alternative, and will get an accurate reading that you can share with your physician when you request safer treatment options for your fibromyalgia. Herbal remedies like cayenne, which can relieve inflammation and tension headaches, ginger for upset stomach and muscle pain, or ginseng for stress relief and increased energy are effective fibromyalgia treatments. Talk to your doctor about whether these herbal remedies are safe to use with prescription medications, and continue to monitor your health so that you can report any significant changes to your doctor right away.


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