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Dangers of Weight Loss Pills

Thousands of people are trying desperately to lose weight, and many are turning to weight loss pills to shed their extra pounds. Many diet pills that are currently on the market contain natural ingredients, making them a little safer for some individuals. However, abusing the pills, even those that are all-natural, could have some dangerous side effects.

According to the website, excessive use of diet pills can cause raise heart rate and irregular heartbeat. The pills can also raise the blood pressure, and the website also warns against taking diet pills that contain ephedra. Even though ephedra is a natural ingredient, the substance is also found in various forms in illegal drugs like heroin and crystal meth. The substance can increase the likelihood of stroke or heart attack, and even cause seizures in some individuals.

Are Diet Pills Safe?

The MedLine Report website reveals that people who only need to use a few pounds may fare better by taking diet pills than those who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Those with a body mass index over 30 should speak to a physician about the safety of diet pills, and major diet changes that will reduce body weight naturally.

There are also a number of prescription diet pills that physicians recommend for patients who have tried diet and exercise with no success. These pills help to suppress the appetite, or block fat from entering the cells. Many of these drugs start working right away, like Xenical, which was regulated by the FDA in 1999. The medication blocks 30% of dietary fats, but depletes the body of important antioxidant vitamins like A, C, E and beta carotene.

If you suspect that a patient is abusing medication in order to achieve rapid weight loss, a test from Complete Drug Testing Solutions is a necessity in rehabilitation treatment. These tests will let you know how much of the diet pills substances have been consumed in the past week or month, so that you can come up with a new diet and exercise plan for the patient that is healthy and effective.


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