Dangerous Prescription Drug Abuse Flying Under Radar Of Parents

A study designed to gauge the level of concern parents have about different drugs has shown that prescription drug abuse is a hidden threat to adolescents and teenagers across America. National polling firm RT Strategies polled 1,000 adults nationwide as part of Project 7th Grade and First Check’s Back to School campaign, finding that only 6% of parents cite prescription drug addiction as a danger to their children. This is disturbing when you consider that prescription pills are quickly becoming the drug of choice for this generation of young people. Fortunately for parents everywhere, a strong home drug testing program which utilizes prescription drug testing kits can help deter teens from developing a dangerous drug addiction.

Prescription drug testing kits are specially designed to detect trace amounts of commonly abused pills such as Oxycontin Vicodin, Valium, Xanax and Percoset . If you suspect your children may be abusing prescription pills, you can utilize parent drug testing as a highly effective preventative measure. Making every effort to keep your children drug free is an essential part of parenthood, so it is crucial to take advantage of home drug testing to protect your family from prescription pill addiction.



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