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Kids Using Bath Salts to Get High

An NBC news report from Collier County, Florida, states that kids and teens are increasingly search for legal substances that will produce the same “high” effect as drugs. County officials assert that teens are smoking, snorting or injecting bath salts. These salts are commonly found in grocery and beauty specialty stores, and are appropriately used […]

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College Prep School Celebrates Five Years of Drug Testing

Christian Brothers College High School is celebrating five years of mandatory drug testing this school year. Within these five years over 5,000 drug test were given and only a total of eight students had to withdraw from this college prep school. Jane Eschmann, the schools assistant principal and administrator stated, “We think that’s a pretty […]

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Newt Gingrich Suggests Drug Testing All Recipients of Government Aide

This week Republican candidate Newt Gingrich suggested that the federal government drug test recipients of government aide. Gingrich spoke to Yahoo’s Chris Moody, stating that “It could be through testing before you get any kind of federal aid. Unemployment compensation, food stamps, you name it.” He also recommended that by ending government benefits to drug […]

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New Drug Testing Policy for Cumberland School Students

For the next school year starting 2012-2013, Cumberland County Schools in Tennessee will be implementing a new drug testing policy. Last month the Cumberland County Board of Education voted on the policy, however state laws do prohibit the act of disciplining the students who provide positive drug tests. Members of the board are concerned on whether […]

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Georgia Lawmakers Introduce Controversial Drug Testing Policy

Lawmakers in the state of Georgia will be introducing a controversial policy to start drug testing welfare recipients. This controversial drug testing policy began earlier this year in Florida and has spread nationwide. Currently in Florida the policy has been put on hold temporarily due to possibly violating the Fourth Amendment on unreasonable search and […]

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MLB Drug Test for Human Growth Hormones

Next spring Major League Baseball will begin drug testing for the human growth hormone. During spring training every player will submit a blood test for hormones. During the actual season testing will come to a halt, and then will be resumed after the season. The drug testing schedule is organized in this manner because the […]

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Eleven NFL Players Face Discipline for Positive Drug Tests

Eleven NFL players are facing serious consequences for testing positive for drugs, according to a Yahoo! Sports news article. The NFL players were promised by DeMaurice Smith, the NFL Players’ Association Executive Director that for 30 days after the summer’s lockout there would be no drug testing. Unfortunately, he gave the players wrong information, because […]

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