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Depression and Painkiller Abuse

A 2008 ABC news article confirms that there is a definite connection between depression and substance abuse. The article also states that some people who are severely depressed will turn to painkillers for relief, and will start abusing the substance because of the euphoric feeling the medicine provides. Many people will take painkillers to get […]

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How Saliva Drug Tests Work

If you work in a medical facility, perform employee screenings, or suspect that your child or teen may be abusing substances, you should know about saliva drug testing. This evaluation will help you to determine which drugs are in a person’s system, and some advanced tests can reveal how concentrated these substances are. Of course, […]

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Long Term Effects of Using Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a drug that is commonly taken at parties in pill form because it promotes relaxation and a euphoric mood. Initially, people started taking the drug for weight loss purposes, since Ecstasy (also called MDMA) suppresses the appetite. MDMA users report that the drug makes them feel closer to others and helps them to […]

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Opiate Drugs Negative Affects on the Body

Most painkillers are derived from opium, and are classified into a group called opiates. Opium is a natural substance extracted from the poppy plant, and has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and take away physical pain. However, opiates also have the ability to boost the mood and rid the body of depression, which […]

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Long Term Effects of Marijuana

Many people have experimented with marijuana at some point in life, usually during their teenage or college years. While marijuana is known for its ability to make you feel “enlightened” or “mellow”, there are also several negative effects of taking the drug. It’s important to know all the ways that marijuana can affect your body, […]

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Harmful Side Effects of Oxycodone

Oxycodone is a common pain medication that is given to those who suffer from chronic pain, such as cancer patients. Individuals who are recovering from surgery will sometimes receive an Oxycodone prescription, but only if they were taking the painkiller before the operation. While the medicine can treat inflammation and rid the body of extreme […]

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How to Become Nicotine Free

If you’re a smoker or use any type of nicotine products, you probably already know the harmful side effects of this habit. Chances are you’ve been hearing for years that nicotine, along with the tar and dangerous chemicals in cigarettes, can cause cancer and damage the immune system. And while becoming nicotine free can be […]

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