About Us

Welcome to Complete Drug Testing Solutions, the one stop shop for your entire home drug testing kit needs. Our substance-of-abuse screening devices are FDA approved for home and office use.  They produce 99.9% accurate results and provide a positive or negative presence of drugs in less than 5 minutes.

We proudly offer hair follicle drug tests, oral saliva drug test kits and urine drug testing for fourteen different substances. Whether you are in need of a single marijuana drug test for your teen or a NIDA compliant multi-panel drug testing kit for a pre-employment drug test, Complete Drug Testing Solutions has the proper screening device for your situation.

Whether you are a worried parent or a suspicious small business owner, the need for on-site drug testing is a priority.  Thankfully, on-site drug testing has never been easier! Complete Drug Testing Solutions offers inexpensive and cost-effective testing kits that will answer all of your suspicions about drug use. Take control with accurate and proven drug test reliability from Complete Drug Testing Solutions.